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An introduction to the greatest jazz of all time
Pure Jazz
Jazz from every style and era, plus today's most popular new releases
Top 50 Jazz Albums of All Time
Music from 50 jazz masterpieces
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  • Avant-Garde Jazz - Click to listen Avant-Garde
    Jazz outside the box, from Ornette to Ken Vandermark

  • Bebop - Click to listenBebop
    Everything bop, from early bebop to hard bop

  • Big Band - Click to listenBig Band
    The glorious sounds of big bands from every era

  • Brazilian Jazz - Click to listenBrazilian Jazz
    The best in Brazilian jazz, from Brazil and all over the world

  • Cocktail Jazz Trio - Click to listenCocktail Jazz Trio
    Great Jazz trios playing tasteful arrangements of time-tested standards
  • Cool Jazz - Click to listenCool Jazz
    Music from cool pioneer Miles Davis and West Coast jazzers

  • Cutting Edge - Click to listenCutting Edge
    Adventurous modern jazz that's not quite avant-garde

  • Fusion - Click to listenFusion
    All the best fusion is here, from Miles to MMW

  • Groove Jazz - Click to listenGroove Jazz
    Funky music performed by great jazz musicians

  • Gypsy Jazz - Click to listenGypsy Jazz
    The gypsy jazz tradition, from Django to today

  • Latin Jazz - Click to listenLatin Jazz
    From "Manteca" to Michel Camilo, the best in Latin Jazz

  • Mellow Jazz - Click to listen Mellow Jazz
    Lush, sensous ballads as performed by jazz greats

  • Modern Mainstream - Click to listenModern Mainstream
    The best in mainstream jazz from the last three decades

  • Old School - Click to listenOld School
    Swing, Dixieland and old mainstream jazz

  • New School - Click to listenNew School
    There is jazz after bop! Hear all types of modern jazz

  • Straight Ahead - Click to listenStraight Ahead
    Get your groove on with the best in swinging jazz

  • Third Stream - Click to listenThird Stream
    Jazz and classical collide in the fusion called 3rd stream

  • World Fusion - Click to listenWorld Fusion
    Jazz that incorporates sounds from around the world

Composer channels
  • Composers: Beatles - Click to listenBeatles
    Jazz masters take on the music of the fab four

  • Composers: Bird and Diz - Click to listenBird and Diz
    Compositions by Parker and Gillespie, the fathers of bop

  • Composers: Duke Ellington - Click to listenEllington
    Music written by the Duke, performed by jazz artists

  • Composers: Jobim - Click to listenJobim
    Compositions of bossa nova maestro Antonio Carlos Jobim

  • Composers: Thelonious Monk - Click to listenMonk
    Music composed by the great Thelonious Monk

  • Composers: Wayne Shorter - Click to listenShorter
    Music by jazz's greatest living composer, Wayne Shorter

  • Composers: Billy Strayhorn - Click to listenStrayhorn
    The beautiful music of Duke's right hand man, Billy Strayhorn

  • Pop Composers - Click to listenPop Composers
    Jazzers performing pop songs by artists from Beatles to Bjork

At-work channels
Decade channels
  • Pre-1940 Jazz - Click to listenPre-1940
    Take a tour of jazz's lively and swinging early years

  • Decade: 40s - Click to listen '40s
    The decade when swing was king, until dethroned by Bebop

  • Decade: 50s - Click to listen'50s
    Considered by many to be jazz's finest hour

  • Decade: 60s - Click to listen'60s
    A time of extreme change and innovation in the jazz world

  • Decade: 70s - Click to listen'70s
    Fusion was everywhere, but hard bop was still going strong

  • Decade: 80s - Click to listen '80s
    Nothing but jazz from the '80s, from fusion to neo-bop

  • Decade: 90s - Click to listen'90s
    Exciting new voices and elder statesmen in their later years

  • Decade: 2000s - Click to listen '00s
    An enormous collection of jazz from the last decade

New music
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